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    Welcome to the Web Site of the

Albany Woman's Club

1012 North Van Buren  

Albany, Ga. 31708


Federation of Women's Clubs/Second District. The GFWC is one of the world's largest and oldest volunteer service organizations

The GaFWC are the Owners and Operators of Tallulah Falls School. "The Lighthouse in the Mountains", Tallulah Falls, Ga. Founded in 1909 by Mary Ann Lipscomb, President of GaFWC.

Member of General Federation of Women's Clubs/Georgia

           Organized, April 26, 1911.   Chartered into the GaFWC, May 28, 1911, and the GFWC, April 20, 1915. The Albany Woman's Club was the first Civic Organization in Albany.


GFWC Motto: Service is no heritage.

Colors: White/Gold

Flower: Cherokee Rose




 2012-2014 Club President's:


Sunflowers turn to follow the sun. Their open faces symbolize the sun itself, conveying warmth, happiness, adoration and longevity.


"What you do - do your best"



 CLUB OFFICERS:   2012-2014

President: Barbara Brown 

First Vice President: Jackie Powell

Second Vice President: Camilla Phillips

Treasurer: Shirley Way

Corresponding Secretary: Freddie Nichols

Recording Secretary: Bobbye Pruett

Parliamentarian: Dianne Barlow

Auditor: Carleen Flowers

Executive Board Secretary: Judy Bell



The Albany Woman's Club is an organization committed to serve, preserve and honor our City, State and World. In order to properly do the task set before us, we divide the Membership into six (6) Community Service Departments.
This allows members to focus on specific areas of service: Arts. Conservation, Education, Home Life, International Affairs, and Public Issues. Each Department follows a plan of work set up by the GFWC/GaFWC's.

ARTS: Ginger Myers/Faye Montague

CONSERVATION: Bobbye Pruett/Patty Chason

EDUCATION: Jan Swift/Cheryl Henderson

HOME LIFE: Linda Snider/Freddie Nichols


Irene Hatcher

PUBLIC ISSUES: Johnne Sizemore/Dianne Barlow




CIP: Peggy Svoboda

Finance & Budget: Marilyn McKinney

Hospitality: Dot Rainey

Legislative: Dianne Barlow

Membership: Betty Clark

Mirror Editor: Marian Sherman

Parliamentarian: Dianne Barlow

Public Relations/Media: Patty Chason

Remembrance: Annette Collier

Tallulah Falls: Faye Shields

Ways & Means: JoAnn Lane




Awards: Esther Dobson

Dollars for Delegates: Camilla Phillips/Martha Ann Laslie

  GFWC/GaFWC Publications: Dianne Barlow

Historian: Esther Dobson

Inspirations: Palma James

Resolutions: Bonnie Gobble

Yearbook: Jackie Pantone

Photographer: Patty Chason



Department Members:


Ginger Myers, Faye Montague, Shirley Cochran, Carleen Flowers, Bonnie Gobble, Carol McCabe, Katye Middleton, Pat Triquet, Camilla Phillips, Jackie Powell, Ellen Wills, Shirley Cates, Jane Powers


Bobbye Pruett, Patty Chason, Betty Clark, Ivylyn Davis, Audrey Fulford, Jean Johnson, Shirley Way, Louise Conyers, Charlotte Bair, Janice Burch


Jan Swift, Cheryl Henderson, Glenda Cannon, Annette Collier, Martha Ann Laslie, Laura McKinney, Pat Manning, Frances Miller, Diane Rouse, Bobbie Todd, Anne Parker, Sally Storey

Home Life:

Linda Snider, Freddie Nichols, Mary Donahoe, Becky Flanigan, Betty Gotsch, JoAnn Lane, Faye Shields,  Marian Sherman, Nancy Huggins, Mary Ann Oakes, Johnnie Rogers

International Affairs:

Jackie Pantone, Irene Hatcher, Lallie Benkoski, Gay Dasher, Claire Gordon, Marilyn McKinney, Dot Rainey, Virginia Reynolds, Betts Smith, Almeda Huffaker

Public Issues:

Johnne Sizemore, Dianne Barlow, Judy Bell, Debbie Blanton, Esther Dobson, Billie Kirksey, Palma James, Betty Inlow, Elizabeth Pollock, JoAnn Sandefer, Peggy Svoboda, Anita Chandler, Priscilla Roberts

 FMI Contact:  

Mr. Fazekas @ 229-364-7494

Site Manager: Ellen Wills




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